Car Arson in the Hythe

I arrived at my office in Colchester’s Hawkins Road this morning to find a burnt-out car outside.

I called the police, and it was reported last night. Two people were seen running away from the scene.

If you have any information, call Essex Police on 101. Gallery of pictures below.

  • Car arson in the Hythe 1

    Car arson in the Hythe

  • Car arson in the Hythe 2

    Car arson in the Hythe

  • Car arson in the Hythe 3

    Car arson in the Hythe

  • Car arson in the Hythe 4

    Car arson in the Hythe

  • Car arson in the Hythe 5

    Car arson in the Hythe

Staring out Cllr Manning as Cabinet refers #antisocialmedia proposals to full Council

Councillors will vote on meeting tweetingMore coverage in The Gazette at which @dariusglaws, @jon_manning and others talked a lot of sense.

I spoke too, and also drew 1-1 with Cllr Manning in a staring-each-other-out competition. Next time victory will be mine Manning…

Cabinet has referred the proposals to reserve the power to ban recordings, and to silence councillors’ tweets, to full council on 20th March.

I’m going to be rolling up with a copy of the petition. Please sign it if you haven’t already.

Sign the petition


Is ‘Pikey’ offensive?


Is the word ‘pikey’ offensive? Racist even?

I don’t know. Neither does the BBC.

But I can’t help but sympathise with the owner of News Plus on Colchester’s Barrack Street. I hate thieves.

Mind you, ‘pikey’ is pretty tame stuff. Back in the 18th Century, when insults were insults and a spade certainly wasn’t a ‘user-operated manual digging solution’, the chief of a gang of Gypsies would be called:

A dimber damber upright man.

And I bet he revelled in it.


Interactive map: public rights of way


The last time I followed a map that indicated a public right of way, my wife and I ended up in a field full of tetchy bullocks.

“Look big,” was my sage advice as the bovine heavy mob ran en masse from the far side of the field and encircled us.

Thankfully they escorted us from the field without trampling us to death. But I’ve a sneaking suspicion that was no public right of way.

You can avoid mistakes like that – in Essex at least – thanks to a new interactive public rights of way map developed by Essex County Council.

If there are any walkers out there, please give it a try. Before I reach for my walking boots again, I want to make sure it’s not a load of bullocks.

Explore the map here »