Southend Bans Protestors’ T-Shirts


Oh look, an official at Southend Council has banned some protestors from wearing ‘Scrap the Cabinet’ t-shirts to a public meeting. One of them went topless in protest.

While one of the councillors said “To make them take the T-shirts off is ridiculous beyond belief,” an official took a different line.

Council facilities manager, Gary Cullen, said banners, placards and leaflets were banned at the Civic Centre 18 months ago for “safety reasons”.

Oh yeah? You’ll have someone’s eye out with that t-shirt, etc etc….

What was it I said in a post this weekend?

A clever variation on the ‘appearing to support it’ wheeze is when you say you support something, but include a clever and seemingly considerate caveat that allows you to do the opposite.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you Southend’s caveat get-out clause: Elf ‘n’ Safety.

Now shut up like a good little protestor, and go home.

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