That duplicitous old fox Sir Bob Russell

Bob Russell deceives votersBegob. No wonder voters don’t have much faith in the people they elect.

Here’s The Standard¬†reporting on the latest wheeze of our canary-waistcoated, small-issue MP Bob Russell.

What the duplicitous old fox has been up to is circulating a leaflet that quotes The Gazette as saying:

Sir Bob Russell is an extremely hard-working MP. There can be few Members of Parliament who do more for their towns and care so passionately about their constituency. He has given decades of service to the town where he was raised. He is an example to many in the Commons…

Fair play, though I would thought behaviour like this shameless vote grab of his isn’t really the example he should be setting.

But let’s push on.¬†The twist in the tale comes next. As The Standard says:

But what the leaflet, entitled “Reporting back to you”, does not include is the conclusion of the September comment, which reflects on the Lib Dem MP’s decision to use parliamentary privilege to accuse Conservative activist Darius Laws of setting up a fake Twitter account to criticise him. Speaking in the House of Commons allowed Sir Bob to speak without fear of slander, and is normally used by MPs to raise issues of national interest.

Oh ah? That’s fruity. What’s the missing text then?

Many would suggest this is an action unbecoming of an MP. If Sir Bob is sure, he should present the evidence and be ready to stand by his claim in a court of law.

Some would say hiding behind the skirts of Parliamentary laws is as bad as hiding behind a mask of anonymity.

Crikey. And boy would I like to shove a corrected leaflet through the doors of the voters he treats like idiots. And unlike the one he sent out last year, suggesting people shouldn’t vote for Darius Laws because he worked, I wouldn’t censor its contents.

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