Sir Bob Russell. ‘Vote Conservative’

With the county elections round the corner, what better or fairer time for our small-issue MP Sir Bob Russell to circulate his new leaflet, bragging about his ‘record of action’ in Colchester?

A quick glance, though, suggests he should have sunk some of his hard-earned cash into hiring a proofreader or someone with a similarly eagle-like eye.

Why? Well, if you take a look at the picture of Jumbo the water tower in the bottom left of this picture, you’ll see it’s sporting a banner with two rather well-chosen words.


We might just do that Bob.

Sir Bob Russell. Vote Conservative

PS. I fully admit the title of this blog post is misleading. I’ve taken two separate concepts – ‘Sir Bob Russell’ and ‘Vote Conservative’ and put them together to give a false impression. It’s an idea I got from the Master himself, except he prefers to tell only the half of the story that suits him.


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