God Save the Colchester Military Wives Choir!


Are you toying with the idea of going to the Colchester Military Musical Spectacular?

No, of course not. You’ve booked your tickets already.

And boy are you in for a treat. You not only get to see the lads with bagpipes, but you get to hear the magnificent Colchester Military Wives Choir.

That’s them in the picture above. Wonderful people.

The choir got started when soldier’s wife Debbie Price wanted to get a Military Wives Choir off the ground. She was supported by Liz Mullen, presenter of Colchester Garrison Radio, but they couldn’t find anyone to act as Musical Director.

Step forward Sally Leung, Head Teacher of Montgomery Infants School, who took on the job.

And with such results! The choir have performed at Portcullis House in Westminster, in Colchester’s Town Hall on Remembrance Sunday, and in St Botolph’s Church with the Para band.

Now they’re going international. If you were at the Canadian International Military Tattoo in Hamilton, Ontario in June (you weren’t?), you’ll have seen them.


 That’s them in Canada. Loving the pointy helmets.

Anyway, you have to be pretty smart to see the Choir in action these days. They’re booked up for the first half of 2014 already.

But before you start weeping uncontrollably into your mess tin, there’s a glimmer of hope.

Book yourself some tickets to the Colchester Military Musical Spectacular and you get to see these amazing people perform.

And you won’t even have to queue overnight with a sleeping bag and your compo rations.

It’ll be worth it. Take a look at what they can do…

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