A letter to Mile End Councillors about Council Tax Support

Dear Mile End Councillors,

I was disappointed to read Colchester Council’s Council Tax Support consultation questionnaire, here: http://surveys.essexinsight.org.uk/TakeSurvey.aspx?PageNumber=1&SurveyID=76LInpl&Preview=true

I believe Tendring Council has two pre-conditions to claiming that should be adopted here:

1) A residency requirement of 5 years

2) Further reductions of support payable to those who haven’t worked for 3 years, but who are able to work.

If we were to adopt the same policy, we could offer higher rebates to local people on low incomes. (Currently CBC is consulting on making low income people pay up to 35% of their Council Tax. Tendring is consulting on making them pay up to 20% – the current levy charged by Colchester).

We would also relieve some pressure on housing stock, particularly as the borough would be less attractive to London Boroughs who relocate people on their own housing waiting lists.

Could you let me know if you, as my ward councillors, have any views on this. And whether you are willing to support these changes – and press for a fresh consultation that takes them into account.

Kindest wishes,


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