More evidence the North Station petition is a Lib Dem sham

Recently I posted about  Mile End Lib Dems hijacking a petition to demand of Essex County Council that:

“Immediate action must be taken to relieve congestion at the North Station Junction”

Since then I have tweeted to Councillor Martin Goss to get his assurance that news of the petition won’t be plastered all over  Lib Dem literature in the run up to the Borough Elections.

Predictably I got no answer. This isn’t a petition about reducing traffic at North Station. If it were, it would offer solutions – not a vague aspiration of Something Must Be Done.

No. This is a petition to raise the profile of the Borough Council candidate the Lib Dems are likely to parachute into Mile End.

If it weren’t, why on earth are they asking for measures that will be addressed by something they’ve long campaigned for – a new A12 junction and the Park & Ride, both of which Tory controlled Essex County Council are currently delivering.

They must have very short memories. Here’s something they Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 18.52.33

Note that last quote.

Once all these road infrastructure projects are complete we in Mile End can look forward to less traffic through our area.

Quite so.


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